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Built in Revit, rendered in Lumion and edited in FinalCut Pro

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Nothing is stronger than the might of nature.

  Man is powerless against the forces of strength and beauty the earth possesses. At Kastalafjallsins you are surrounded by that power, tranquility, and majesty. Stare over the breathtaking landscape from a geothermal heated river, or soak in a cliffside hot pool. Swim through mineral caverns in a serene birch forest. Stand beneath an erupting geyser and overlook the southern coastline of Iceland. Embrace the sky or the sea from a new vantage point. Everywhere you step, the creations of humanity are secondary to Earth’s intrinsic power.

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REynisfjara Beach, Iceland


Golden Circle Tourist Route

Ring Road Tourist Route

Kastalafjallsins Geothermal Resort

Reynisfjara Beach is a popular blacksand beach on the Southern-most tip of Iceland. From the nearby cliff, take in breathtaking views of Katla volcano, Sólheimajökull glacier, and the offshore Renyisdragnar rock formations. The resort is located at the overlap of the Ring Road and the Golden Circle, the two most popular tourist routes in Iceland.

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Built in Revit, rendered in Lumion annotated in InDesign


"The mountain is my castle"

-Icelandic proverb

An Icelandic proverb states “the mountain is my castle,” meaning that the buildings of man are nothing compared to what the earth creates.  Kastalafjallsins, meaning “mountain-castle,” is a place to be exposed to nature’s raw and unrestrained force. Get close with the terrain of Iceland at this boutique resort designed for transformational experiences with nature.

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