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We are excited to bring you closer to the natural world of British Columbia with two new experiences. Ascend to the tree canopy and learn about the surrounding ecosystems with Treetop Encounters. Traverse the forest, mountains, and coast on treetop bridges and marvel at the landscape in our Observation Exhibitions. Then, sail downstream on Fraser River Expeditions: The Call. Let the call of nature take you into the far reaches of the wilderness discover the circle of life that connects us. 

Interactive Queuing Pavilion

upper floor


Boat Ride Attraction

lower floor


Wilderness Pass

Bluetooth Sticker

Upon entering Treetop Encounters, guests will receive a Wilderness Pass. This sticker is QR-coded and equipped with Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth capabilities of the sticker removes the need for guests to wait in a traditional line before boarding the ride. Instead, it will mark their spot in a virtual line while they enjoy the exhibits and activities offered in the queueing pavilion. 

The technology used in this project is based on cutting edge Wiliot Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth tags are powered using errant radio frequency energy already in the atmosphere due to cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, and other connectivity technologies. Using measures such as time spent in an exhibit, the order in which exhibits are visited, and the amount of movement within an exhibit, artificial intelligence algorithms will gauge the area of highest interest to the guest and then tailor interactive portions of the exhibit to each guest. When boarding the ride, the guest will be assigned one of 15 possible animals according to their demonstrated interests in the queuing pavilion. This animal will then appear in the Northern Lights section of the attraction and on their digital souvenir.

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Ride Technology

systems and track

Fraser River Expeditions: The Call utilizes a novel ride system that combines existing technologies such as trackless guided vehicles, KUKA passenger robotic arms, and projection mapping. To tell the story of a riverboat that is shipwrecked by a falling tree and then restored during the dance of the Northern Lights, two trackless guided vehicles travel as one until they can break apart. These vehicles are loaded onto a KUKA table for their flight through the night sky. 

Package Overview
Ground Plan
Upper Level Plan
Lighting Plot
Boat Plan
Boat Framing Plan
Boat Section
Boat Mechanics
Accessible Boat Design
Kuka Arm Table

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Note: This is a conceptual proposal developed for the 2020 Cornell Student Design Competition. All rights and ideas belong to Ally Annick, Kennedy Behling, Jake Frizzelle, and John Manos.

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